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DocuWare - Well Logs Cabinet

This 'Cabinet' contains scanned images of Well Logs received by the Oil and Gas Commission. This includes LAS files, Tiff images and Directional survey spreadsheets.

Search tips:
The Result list can only show 600 documents or less. If you receive 600 results try using a more detailed search.

The API# is unique to each location and is the only sure way to see all well files for that location.

If you are having difficulty locating a document, or receive 'no results' for the search:

1. Reduce the details in your search. Note: If the search details do not match the document exactly, you will not see the document in the results list. You can increase the number of resulting documents by leaving unnecessary details empty.
2. Include the asterisk "*" symbol in your details. - The * symbol can represent everything. For example: entering API # - 0302910* would return any documents that have an API # beginning with 0302910. This symbol can be used as often as needed and can be placed anywhere in the details (*030*29*10*) could be used and may increase the number of results.
Category   Code Source or Explanation of Documents
Log Type Example: “DNL”
Permit # Permit Number assigned by OGC. Example: "12345"
API # API number of the corresponding well – unique
Location S-T-R format, Example: “32 T10S R14W”
County County were well is located
Field Oil and Gas Field where well is located

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