The mission of the Oil and Gas Commission is to prevent waste and encourage conservation of the Arkansas oil, natural gas, and brine resources, to protect the correlative rights associated with those resources, and to respect the environment during the production, extraction, and transportation of those resources.

Our vision is to serve the citizens of Arkansas and the community with an efficient, effective, scientific, and technically based regulatory framework to support economic development for Arkansas.

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DEQ COVID-19 Update

During this critical time, the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment is taking precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Following Governor Hutchinson’s announcement on Thursday, March 19, Secretary Keogh has directed that our staff begin working remotely effective Monday, March 23. Thankfully, the Department is prepared for this type of remote work, and we are equipped to continue our mission to protect the State’s health and environment through regulatory programs, essential department functions, and emergency response efforts.
Oil and Gas Commission rule accomodations during the COVID-19 crisis: Proposed Rule Accomodations
If you have a question or need assistance regarding Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment activities, please call 501.682.0744.
If you have a question or need assistance regarding Oil and Gas Commission activities, please call 501.683.5814.
For COVID-19 information please visit the Arkansas Department of Health’s website.