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Document Imaging

The Oil and Gas Commission is using an electronic imaging system to store and retrieve documents. These documents can be retrieved via the DocuWare Image Management System in .pdf format.

The documents are stored in various electronic 'file cabinets' which can be searched for specific documents. At the present time there are twelve electronic file cabinets available for use, they are the 'Rule B-17 Cabinet', 'Rule B-19 Cabinet', 'Escrow Cabinet', 'Hearing Cabinet', 'Historical Production Cabinet', 'Operator Cabinet', 'Orders Cabinet', 'Well Files Cabinet', 'Well Logs Cabinet', 'South Arkansas SWD Cabinet', 'Production Forms Cabinet', 'Facility Cabinet'.

To utilize the system, select which file cabinet you desire to use, and then enter search criteria in the coded fields. You do not need to fill in each field to conduct a search. One field will be sufficient to search for the desired record, however, using multiple fields will reduce the number of items necessary to find your desired document.

If you have any questions regarding use of the DocuWare system, please call the Director's Office at 501-683-5814.

If you find errors with the storage of these documents please notify us by utilizing this form.

Adobe Reader is required to view reports. Click here to download or update Adobe.    

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